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Welcome to AAWISHKARA!

We would like to introduce ourselves as Aawishkar – Explore the future

Aawishkar a prototype model and working model Designing & Manufacturing industry. Our excellence is in providing high quality custom scale models and prototypes of almost any type or design of maritime industry, Defense industry. Our specialization in understanding company needs, and provide best products/models to meet the needs of the organization since 2001.

We deliver value by building strong bonds with our clients; those, which help us, understand the environment in which clients operate, the goals clients seek to accomplish, the results they want to achieve, and the challenges we must meet head-on together.

Our Services

Maritime Industry – Ships, Tankers, Tug Boats, Barges, Tall Ships, or Models of any Type.

Aerospace Industry – Aircraft of all Types, Jets, Planes, Unmanned aerial vehicles.

Military – Carrier, Destroyer, Battleship, Naval Vessel, Submarine, or any other Type of Military Models.

Developing Young Minds:Educating the young students in Aero modeling, Ship modeling, Architect modeling.

“Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Leadership & Team:

We are a company with diverse talents & skills. Our leadership structure offers a dynamic atmosphere in which talented, creative & motivated people thrive. We don’t just acknowledge hard work & achievements; we reward it & groom it.

We have an experienced team of ambitious, vibrant, young professionals having ability to update with latest trends & requirements of our client.

Our team’s passion is to take challenges and to deliver to clients expectations.

Pramod Kumar K

Phoneno.:+91 9845387701/   Email: pramod@aawishkar.com

Web: www.aawishkara.com

I am a results-driven Model Maker and qualified Scale Model maker with over 10 years experience working with Ministry of Defense (NCC). Analytical with strong systems skills, I specialize in Concept Model making as per the clients requirement to provide more accurate and Scale models.

Current Status: Director of Aawishkara – Explore the Future

Total Experience: 15 years

Knowledge is power!


Our Mission:

The ultimate goal of Aawishkar is to have its own identity in the prototypemodel and working Model Company as a most trusted provider in all aspects and a one stop solution for high quality, time bound and cost effective Models.

Aawishkar is committed to maintain 100% client’s satisfaction by certain values

  • Deep Integrity & Ensuring Code of Conduct
  • Precious Timekeeping & Highest level of Accuracy
  • Potential Leadership with an Energetic Team
  • Sufficient Infrastructure for anytime Expansion
  • Continuous Growth & 100% Success
  • Develop the young minds in hands-on-learning

  • Served as a Ship Modeling Instructor (SMI)for Karnataka & Goa Directorate NCC,NAVAL UNIT (MINISTRY OF DEFENSE) 01 June 2003 –31 May 2013 Bangalore(10 Years).
  • Worked as free-lancer for Adventure Sports.
  • List of institutions served as Instructor for Hobby Classes.
  • Sri Kumaran’s children’s                    Instructor for ship modeling, Aero

Home (CBSE, ICSE, modeling & Architect modeling STATE BOARD)

(b)       Akshara Association                          Instructor for residential camps.

(c)       A.V Education Society                       Instructor for ship modeling.

(d)       Sindhi High school                             Instructor for ship modeling.

  • New Horizon Educational                   Instructor for ship modeling.

Institution (state)

(f)      NET Public School                                 Instructor for ship modeling.

(g)       Jnonodhaya High School                    Instructor for ship modeling.

(h)       Delhi Public School, Yelahanka          Instructor for Aero modeling.

(I)        Delhi Public School, Sarjapur road     Instructor for Aero modeling.

(j)        Delhi Public School, Mysore               Instructor for Aero modeling.

(k)       Ryan School, Whitefield                      Instructor for Aero modeling.

(l)        St Josephs European School               Instructor for Aero modeling.

(j)        The Bangalore International               Instructor for Aero modeling.

School (TISB)


(a)       Won a Gold&Silver Medal in ‘Ship Modeling’ event for Karnataka & Goa Directorate NCC at National level computationheld in New Delhi in January 1998.

(b)       Represented Karnataka & Goa Directorate NCC as member of the All INDIA NAUSANIK CAMP and also won Silver Medal in rowing computation.

  • Some of the achievements by the Students of Karnataka Naval Unit under my trying the visible evidence are

(a) 2003-04 – Two Silver Medals in National level camp, (RDC)

(b) 2004-05 –    Overall Ship Modeling Trophy in national level camp (RDC)

(c) 2005-06  –    Four Silver medals in national level camp, (RDC)

(d) 2006-07 –     Five Gold medals, Two Silver medals, and Five Bronze medals (RDC,


(e) 2007-08 –   Two Gold and two Silver Medal (RDC)

(f) 2008-09  –   Two Gold medals (RDC)

(g) 2009-10 –   Two Silver & Two Bronze medals (RDC)

(h) 2010-11 –   Four Gold medals, Two Silver medals, (RDC)

(i)  2011-12  –   Two Gold medals, Two Silver medals, Three Bronze (RDC)

(j)  2012-13 –   Two Silver medals, Five Bronze (RDC)