Services – Architectural Modelling


Through Architect-modelling School Programs, we offer students an opportunity to understand the basics of ship building and dynamics of ship and basic navigation skills which a child can pursue in his school hours. These are designed specifically for students of grade 5th-10th.

“Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

It is seen from experience that a successful model can be made only after repeated trials involving lot of experimentation and trials and failures. Thus it would be very helpful to have hands on experience from skillful and experienced professionals.

Why Architectural Modeling?

  • It improves the Skills and crafts of Children and teaches them that Patience always pays
  • Greatly increases their imaginative power
  • It is a great form of Team building exercise
  • Inculcates Competitive spirit
  • Synchronization of Mind and hand
  • Increases power to innovate
  • Overall Personality Development

Salient Features:

  • Program will be spread over20-25 activity classes, 1 Hour/week throughout the academic year.
  • Each child will Build and take home one Boat-Model
  • Entire program will be Audio-Visual with more than 85% stress on practical hands-on sessions.
    • Demo of Architect model/Constructed model etc.,
    • Course Fee will be inclusive of imported Balsa Wood kit / Foam kit, propellers, tools and all other accessories required for building the Architecture.

Benefits to Students:

  • Learn Basics of Archimedes’ principle, concept of Buoyancy & Introduction to Ship modeling
  • Hands on exposure in designing/ buildingship-models.
  • Overview on careers related to navy.
  • Learn to work as a Team.
  • Information accessing
  • Design and engineering
  • Improve Hand and Eye-coordination.
  • Learn to work with tools, materials and accessories.

Note: We also provide all material required to build an Architect-Model tools and other accessories.